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BUDdy Skunk is a registered trademark. We are proud to be part of a cutting edge industry.  Click the "Products" button to see our t-shirts & novelties available for purchase. Our products are not intended for minors.  
Get your original BUDdy Skunk apparel & novelties here; BUDdy Skunk is dedicated to promoting cannabis & hemp education, legalization & responsible adult utilization of medical and recreational marijuana." 

History of Marijuana​

  • The original Articles of Confederation, U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were drafted on hemp paper. Taken From: Wikipedia.
  • ​The Chinese cultivated cannabis as a therapeutic and recreational drug over 4,700 years ago. Taken From: www.marijuanamedicalinfo.com.



For information on Washington State Marijuana Laws, please visit the WA State Liquor Control Board @ www.icb.WA.gov/marijuana/faqs_I-502. 

  • Into the Mystic3:30
  • Teach Your Children2:55
  • Taking Chances2:24

Medical Marijuana

  • Researchers have now discovered that marijuana like chemicals trigger receptors on human immune cells that can directly inhibit a type of human immuno-deficency virus (HIV) found in late-stage AIDS. Taken From: www.trueactivist.com
  • Check out the You Tube video link; Medical Cannabis Exposed - What the Feds Don't Want You to Know. https://youtu.be/SSLfOrQWT9Q